Lightly Dried Ginger


Lightly Dried

Gourmet Garden Lightly Dried Ginger is simply a hand of fresh ginger, that has been lightly dried (just enough) to last for 4 weeks once opened. Because it is only lightly dried it refreshes in cooking, giving you the closest flavour, appearance and aroma to that of fresh herbs.

Our ginger plants are grown in the warm and wet area of Bundaberg in Queensland, the ideal environment for ginger. They are harvested at the perfect size to maximise flavour before being transported within 18 hours of harvest to our Palmwoods factory where they are washed, chopped and blended with oils, salts and sugars before being packed into handy pinch pouches or stackable pots.

Lightly Dried Ginger takes all the preparation hassle out of your cooking. Ginger can be used as a base for sweet or savoury dishes and should generally be added at the beginning of your cooking. It is ideal in Asian dishes: curries, stir-fries, dressings, juices and biscuits.

In cooking use about 1tbsp of Lightly Dried Ginger to replace 2tbsp of fresh ginger or sprinkle according to your taste!

The ginger root is used as a culinary spice. ...
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