About Us

We are passionate about making fresh herbs and spices easy for everyday cooking.

Fresh herbs and spices make an amazing difference to any meal; their flavours, colours and aromas are wonderful and add depth to all kinds of dishes. But let’s be honest, when you are busy, particularly during the week, fresh herbs just aren’t practical. Count the bunches of wilted herbs that you’ve thrown out after only a few days or the time you’ve spent preparing fresh herbs and spices, not to mention the hassle of garlic and chilli fingers!

Our herbs keep fresh for weeks so you can have a herb garden at your fingertips everyday.

Put simply, Gourmet Garden herbs are:

  • Organically grown herbs harvested to capture the maximum flavour
  • Washed, chopped & prepped within hours of harvesting
  • Made with no preservatives, pesticides or nasty stuff
  • Fully prepared for you… washed, chopped & ready to use
  • With the same look, taste & aroma of fresh herbs

It’s as easy and fresh as that!

If you’d like to see how our herbs and spices make it from the farm to your plate take a look at our video clip below