Use Gourmet Garden Cold Blended Pastes the same way you would use fresh herbs and spices, as much or as little to taste. When following a recipe, replace the named herb or spice by just the Cold Blended Paste instead! There is no picking, chopping, or washing! Generally spices are added at the beginning of the cooking process and herbs towards the end and we encourage you to add according to your own taste. Check out our range of delicious, quick & easy weekday meal ideas.

Just squeeze! Flavours are a very individual choice so go ahead and squeeze a little, taste recipe and then add more. Just like fresh herbs, add according to your own taste.

A secret recipe using a balance of ingredients has been created to maintain the natural flavour and texture of the selected herb or spice. The herbs and spices are harvested at a time that maximizes their flavours. This crop is then washed, chopped and blended for you to discover the fresh chopped taste when you open the tube in your home.

4 degrees C / 40 degrees F or less, is suitable for storing Gourmet Garden, so normal household refrigerators are perfect.

We recommend that Gourmet Garden be returned as soon as practicable to refrigerated temperatures. Leaving the product out of the fridge for longer than half an hour is not advisable, as with any other chilled product.

No, as long as the cap is replaced back onto the tube and the tube is stored in the fridge, the best before date will be as stated on the cap.

There are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in our herbs and spices. There are a few simple food ingredients included in the product, though their role is about creating an environment where harmful bacteria cannot grow. These ingredients are kept to a minimum and it’s about having a product which is fresh and safe for people to consume and still deliver the fresh taste of herbs and spices to you in a convenient, long lasting pack.

Milk: All Gourmet Garden products except Gourmet Garden Ginger contain ingredients derived from Milk

Wheat/ Gluten: Gourmet Garden Italian Herbs, Oregano, Rosemary, Roast Seasoning and Mediterranean Seasoning contain products derived from wheat. Moroccan Seasoning may contain traces of wheat. All Gourmet Garden products may contain undetectable levels of gluten.