A world-first innovation responding to consumer demand for fresh herbs that last, Gourmet Garden Lightly Dried are simply fresh herbs which have been lightly dried (just enough) to stay fresh for 4 weeks once opened and refresh in cooking.

Gourmet Garden Lightly Dried pinch pouches of Basil, Chilli, Chives, Coriander, Ginger, Mint, Mixed Herbs, Oregano, Parsley and Southeast Asian Seasoning are available in Woolworths, Coles and independents supermarkets.


The lightly dried herbs stay fresh for 4 weeks after opening when stored in the refrigerator. Reseal after use and pop back in your fridge. To keep your lightly dried fresher, keep dry (away from steam).

The best way to store your Lightly Dried pouches is in your fridge door friendly herb caddy. The tab system allows you to have an organised library of the varieties that you use. There is also room for your Gourmet Garden tubes as well.

Simply store all your favourite herbs in your fridge door caddy and take it out of the fridge when you’re ready to cook….it’s like having a herb garden at your fingertips!

Your Lightly Dried herbs will stay fresher when kept dry( away from steam and moisture). Reseal after use and pop back into your fridge.

Gourmet Garden Lightly Dried herbs are so easy to use, just simply sprinkle, garnish or rub into your cooking, just like you would fresh chopped herbs or spices. The great thing about Gourmet Garden Lightly Dried is that they refresh in cooking.

Each pinch pouch has handy tips on what dishes to use them in and what other herbs, spices and ingredients they love and marry with.

Absolutely, Gourmet Garden allows busy cooks to have a range of herbs and spices always on hand for a variety of cooking applications.

Cold Blended Pastes are ideal for stirring into sauces, soups and marinades and rubbing onto meats and vegetables. Whereas Lightly Dried is perfect for sprinkling into pastas, salads and stir fries as well as garnishing soups and pizzas and rubbing onto meats.

You can definitely combine Lightly Dried herbs with cold blended pastes (i.e. Lightly Dried Basil to garnish a garlic pasta carbonara….a match made in heaven!)

You can definitely substitute fresh chopped herbs for Lightly Dried Herbs in any recipe! In cooking, use about 1 tablespoon of Lightly Dried herbs to replace 2 tablespoons fresh herbs. As it’s lightly dried it has shrunk a bit so you need to use a little less or seasoning according to your taste!

Yes, use 1 tablespoon of Lightly Dried to replace 1 teaspoon of dried. As it’s only lightly dried you need a little more than fully dried or season to your taste!

No, the Lightly Dried herbs have already been washed and roughly chopped for you ready for you to sprinkle, garnish or rub into your cooking.

There are no allergens such as milk, egg, gluten or nuts in the Lightly Dried range.