Our Story

Gourmet Garden loves herbs and spices, we strive to make your everyday cooking easier and more enjoyable.

The Farm-to-Plate Story

The herbs start their life as a little seed on broad acre farms in Queensland and Victoria, Australia. The herbs are cared for, fed and are grown organically by our dedicated group of farmers who are truly passionate about producing fresh herbs that are teaming with essential oils, the key to unlocking flavour, aroma and colourful herbs. Years of research has been invested into finding the optimum conditions and care for each variety of herb.

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Our History

Two Australian brothers (and food scientists) frustrated with the short life of culinary herbs develop the ‘Eva Fresh’ technology which extends the natural shelf life of fresh herbs, without the need of heat treatment or acidification (which can destroy delicate flavours). The Eva Fresh technology is eventually bought by Berri, a fruit juice manufacturer. 

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Consideration for the environment has been very important to Gourmet Garden and this is reflected in the design of the company’s headquarter building built in 2006, which houses the facility, labs and offices. 

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