Lightly Dried Chives


Lightly Dried

Gourmet Garden Lightly Dried Chives are simply a large bunch of fresh chives that have been lightly dried (just enough) to last for 4 weeks once opened. Because they are only lightly dried, they refresh in cooking, giving you the closest flavor, appearance and aroma to that of fresh herbs… without the wilt guilt.

Our chive plants begin life in Biloela, central Queensland where they are organically grown and then harvested in the early morning when their essential oils are at their peak. From there they are transported within 18 hours of harvest to our Palmwoods facility where they are washed, roughly chopped and lightly dried before being packed into handy click n’ stack bowls. Organic with just 4 simple ingredients, what could be better?

Chives are best added at the end of your cooking and pair perfectly with lemon, tarragon, parsley, sesame oil, vinegar, garlic, soy sauce, eggs, ginger and chili pepper. They have a particular affinity with baked potatoes and sour cream.

In cooking, use about 1 Tbsp of Lightly Dried chives to replace 2 Tbsp of fresh chives or sprinkle according to your taste!

Chives are a close relative to onion, garlic, leeks and scallions. ...