Chicken Stir Fry with Garlic & Chilli

Chicken Stir Fry with Garlic & Chilli

Serves 4
15 minutes
500 g chicken breast, sliced
2 teaspoons peanut oil
1 tablespoon peanut oil
1 brown onion, diced
1 tablespoon Garlic Cold Blended Paste
1 teaspoon Lightly Dried Chilli
1 bunch choy sum, coarsely chopped
100 grams snow peas, trimmed
1 green capsicum, thinly sliced
2 tablespoons light soy sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoons cornflour
Serve with peanuts & thinly sliced green onions, if desired

 Heat 2 teaspoons peanut oil in a wok and stir-fry chicken until just golden. Remove from wok.

2Heat 1 tablespoon peanut oil in same wok; stir-fry onion, garli and chilli until onion softens.

Add choy sum, snow peas and green capsicum. Stir-fry for 2 minutes. Combine soy sauce, Chinese rice wine, sugar and cornflour in a small bowl.


Add chicken back into wok and stir-fry until heated through. Serve sprinkled with peanuts and thinly sliced green onions if desired.

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