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Here at Gourmet Garden, we believe healthy and delicious are one in the same. Pasta or stir fry? Now that’s a choice. Fresh flavor or convenience? That never will be.

Now you can have basil in a squeeze. Chopped chives that cut it. Ginger that’s rooting for whatever’s in your pan. With Gourmet Garden, you can have it all. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

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No peeling or mincing.
Less waste.
No prep means no garlicky fingers.
Garlic in a squeeze.
Fresh flavor lasts up to four weeks.

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Basil in a pinch.
Easy to store.
Ready for garnishing and mixing.
Fresh flavor that lasts up to four weeks.
No chopping or prepping needed.
Fresh Convenience

Where Fresh Flavor Meets Convenience

No prep, no chop. Here, our ready-to-go herbs are picked at peak freshness to lock in color, flavor, and aroma, helping you fill your plate with delicious and photo-worthy meals.

Find our fresh flavor with the refrigerated produce.

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No matter which meal you’re in the mood for, we’ve got you covered. From chopped cilantro to ready-to-use garlic paste, our flavorful ingredients are ready when you are.

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